Forever & Ever

16 - 27 Oct
Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sydney


This extraordinary double bill features Rafael Bonachela’s award-winning Frame of Mind and a brand new work by internationally acclaimed choreographer Antony Hamilton called Forever & Ever.

Frame of Mind “delivers captivating scores, wonderful choreography and dance fuelled with emotion” (ABC Arts). This emotionally charged work is set to a dramatic contemporary-classical soundtrack by Bryce Dessner from The National, performed LIVE by the Australian String Quartet, and features an evocative set by Ralph Myers.

Forever & Ever is a world premiere which “lays siege to the senses with a mighty display of shock and awe.” (The Australian). Set to a sonically stimulating score by The Presets’ Julian HamiltonForever & Ever fuses together a killer mix of dance, techno, high fashion and vivid lighting to hypnotic effect. Exploring ideas of order, chaos, popular culture and human behaviour, this boundary-pushing work is a bold and thrilling theatrical experience that is not to be missed.

“★★★★★ Mind-warping… collision of beats, movement, fashion and even lasers.” – Pedestrian TV

“★★★★ A revival of polished grace and a premiere of something completely different” – Sydney Morning Herald

“★★★★ Stunning… an inventive and adventurous ride… original and evocative.” – Time Out

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Forever & Ever is approximately 90 mins including interval.
Warnings: Theatrical haze and strobe effects.

READ: Choreographer Antony Hamilton on unison and repetition in Forever & Ever.

READ: The Presets’ Julian Hamilton on composing Forever & Ever and bridging the world between pop music and dance.

LISTEN: Composer Julian Hamilton’s musical inspirations behind Forever & Ever.

READ: The Performance Program

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16 – 27 Oct
Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay

Tuesday 16 Oct, 8pm (Preview)
Wednesday 17 Oct, 8pm (Opening Night)
Thursday 18 Oct, 8pm
Friday 19 Oct, 8pm
Saturday 20 Oct, 8pm
Tuesday 23 Oct, 6:30pm
Tuesday 23 Oct, 11am Primary School Matinee
Wednesday 24 Oct, 6:30pm
Thursday 25 October, 12pm Secondary School Matinee
Thursday 25 Oct 8pm
Friday 26 Oct, 8pm
Saturday 27 Oct, 2pm*
Saturday 27 Oct, 8pm

*Company Class Viewing & Matinee Performance: A unique opportunity to witness a behind the scenes class the Company take on stage before their performance of Forever & Ever. Join us for an exclusive sneak peek into the life of a professional dancer on Sat 27 Oct, 11.30am – 12.45pm, prior to the 2pm matinee.


Forever & Ever is approximately 90 mins including interval.

Pricing & Ticket Information

Adult (Fri & Sat nights)
Premium $95.00
A Reserve $85.00
B Reserve $65.00
C Reserve $50.00

Adult (Weeknights & Matinees)
Premium $90.00
A Reserve $80.00
B Reserve $60.00
C Reserve $45.00

Concession (Fri-Sat Eve)
A, B & C Reserve $49.00

Concession (Pensioner, Seniors Card, Unemployed, Full Time Student)
A, B & C Reserve $45.00

Under 30 (Tues-Thu, Sat Matinee)
A, B & C Reserve $30.00

Under 20 (Tues & Wed)
A, B & C Reserve $20.00

Group (Fri-Sat Eve)
Premium $85.00
A Reserve $75.00
B Reserve $55.00
C Reserve $40.00

Group (Weeknights & Matinees)
Premium $80.00
A Reserve $70.00
B Reserve $50.00
C Reserve $35.00

Transaction fees apply
$5 online, $6.50 telephone

Authorised ticket sellers
The only authorised ticket sellers for this event are  Sydney Dance Company, Roslyn Packer Theatre and Ticketmaster. Only tickets purchased by authorised agencies should be considered valid and reliable.

Warnings: Theatrical haze and strobe effects.

Company Class Viewing
Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay
27 October 11.30am – 12.45pm

A unique opportunity to witness a behind the scenes class the Company take on stage before their 2pm matinee performance of Forever & Ever. Join us for this exclusive sneak peek into the life of a professional dancer.


Frame of Mind
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Designer: Ralph Myers
Costume Design Realisation: Aleisa Jelbart
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Cisterne
Music: Original compositions by Bryce Dessner
Live score: Performed by Australian String Quartet
Dramaturgical Consultant: Samuel Webster

Forever & Ever
Choreographer: Antony Hamilton
Composer: Julian Hamilton
Costume Design: Paula Levis


Despite being one of the youngest art forms, contemporary dance is perhaps the most primal and physical. Less emphasis is placed on narrative structure – contemporary dance engages you on an emotional level. The audience response to a performance is part of the work. Without leaving your seat, you are a collaborator.

Contemporary dance is open to your own personal interpretation, you can view it in the same way you experience art and ask yourself how it makes you feel. Read our ‘Collaborators Guide To Contemporary Dance’ here.

Forever & Ever is approximately 90 minutes and includes a 20 minute interval.



Forever & Ever is a captivating double bill consisting of two dance works – Rafael Bonachela’s multi-award winning Frame of Mind and a brand new work by choreographer Antony Hamilton called Forever & Ever.

Frame of Mind is a deeply personal piece by Bonachela and is born from his “experience of wanting to be in two places at once.” The work engages with our innate desire to be understood without the need for words: the need to be supported, held, and guided by those close to us. Since its world premiere in 2015, the work has been seen on stages around Australia and across the world in America, Germany, Chile and Columbia.

For the first time as part of this double bill, the audience will experience the Australian String Quartet performing Frame of Mind’s exquisite classical-contemporary score live on stage.

Completing the season is acclaimed choreographer Antony Hamilton’s world premiere of Forever & Ever. The work engages with ideas of duplication, unison and modification in movement, drawing direct inspiration from a minimal electronic score composed by his brother, The Presets’ Julian Hamilton.

WATCH: A preview of Frame of Mind.

READ: Antony Hamilton chats to us about how he created Forever & Ever.



Rafael Bonachela, Frame of Mind

“The impulse to feel, experience and understand a dance work in the theatre should be an individual one… when all explanations have been exhausted… the only thing left is to feel.”

Rafael Bonachela is originally from Barcelona and has been the Artistic Director and resident choreographer at Sydney Dance Company since 2009. Since then, he has created 14 works for the Company’s repertoire.

In 2015, his work Frame of Mind was the winner of all four categories for the Helpmann Awards including ‘Best Choreography’, ‘Best Dance Work’, ‘Best Male Dancer’, and ‘Best Female Dancer’ for its critically acclaimed premiere season.

Fun Fact: When creating some of the choreography, Rafael asked the dancers to find different ways to frame their partners’ movements and body parts. He also explored one of the literal meanings of frame, asking the dancers to find different ways to support their partner in a movement phrase like ‘a structure that surrounds and supports something’.


Antony Hamilton, Forever & Ever

“I don’t delineate between styles and disciplines when I’m making choreography. It’s all just raw material at my disposal, and it is created quite haphazardly with movement qualities being utilised in a fairly spontaneous way… I don’t over think it.”

Antony Hamilton is an Australian choreographer and artist based in Melbourne. His award-winning creations involve a collaborative melding of movement, sound and visual design. His major works include the seminal Black Project 1 (2012), critically acclaimed MEETING (2015) and NYX for the 2015 Melbourne Festival. He has created numerous national and international commissions, including Keep Everything and I Like This for Chunky Move, Black Project 3 for The Lyon Opera Ballet and Sentinel for Skånes Dansteater.

WATCH: Antony create Forever & Ever in the studio

Fun Fact: Besides contemporary dance, Antony’s dance background includes classical ballet, breakdancing and hip hop. His mother sent him to dance classes as an eight-year-old because he was an “‘active’ child with no interest in sport and of a creative persuasion.”



Bryce Dessner, Frame of Mind

“The collaboration with Australian String Quartet will bring a freshly visceral element to the live performance and I’m delighted that the work will once again be on the Australian stage.”

Byrce Dessner is an American composer and guitarist, best known as a member of the Grammy Award winning band The National. As a classical composer, he is in demand from today’s finest ensembles and institutions from Ensemble Intercontemporain to the New York Philharmonic, Kronos Quartet and Carnegie Hall.

Dessner’s score for Frame of Mind will be performed live on stage for the first time by the Australian String Quartet as part of this double bill. One of Dessner’s pieces, Aheym For String Quartet, was originally written as a musical evocation of flight and passage, inspired by his Jewish immigrant history and cultural identity.

Fun Fact: After watching a rehearsal of Frame of Mind earlier this year, Bryce Dessner suggested to Rafael Bonachela: “Have you ever considered playing [the score] live?” Rafael knew he had to make it happen, and hence our collaboration with the ASQ was born!


Julian Hamilton, Forever & Ever

“Composing these longer form works is a refreshing change from the pop music world I normally inhabit. Instead of trying to say everything in the space of a three minute song I am instead able to explore just how much emotion and meaning I can convey by saying very little at all.”

Julian Hamilton is an Australian composer and member of the ARIA Award winning band The Presets. In 2008, the Presets released the chart topping Apocalypso, selling over 250 000 copies in Australia and winning five ARIA Awards.

Julian’s original score for Forever & Ever is informed by a minimal pop attitude, sonically referencing electronic toys and rave culture. The majority of the soundtrack was created with only two instruments: a Roland TR-909 and a Moog synthesiser, and calls to a sonic language reminiscent of a party or rave.

READ: Julian on bridging the world between pop music and dance.

LISTEN: Julian shares his musical inspirations behind Forever & Ever.

Fun fact: Julian is Antony Hamilton’s brother and they have been creating together for years, ever since they were kids making stop-motion movies with GI Joe figures in the backyard. You’ll even find home videos of them playing synthesisers and dancing together as six-year-olds!



Frame of Mind

The set for Frame of Mind is reminiscent of a melancholic memory room. The dancers come and go through this room, sharing their stories with each other and the audience. There is a window on stage where the audience can witness the passing of time through the brightening and fading of light. The performance spans the duration of several days, moving through cycles of day and night.

Fun Fact: The wall you see in the first act of Frame of Mind weighs nearly 800kg!


Forever & Ever

Forever & Ever features bold, graphic and structural costumes, which include motifs indicative of the title of the piece (e.g. infinity signs, continuing lines, circles and swirls). Throughout the performance, the costumes are worn, stripped off, and duplicated across different formations of dancers. As they gyrate and spin to Julian Hamilton’s techno soundtrack, the dancers start to resemble part electronic toy, part Blade Runner replicant.

Fun Fact: Company dancer Izzac Caroll wears six layers of clothes at one point during Forever & Ever.



“The most rewarding part [of being a Company dancer] is going on stage every night. Sydney Dance Company gives you a lot of room to experiment and to make the movement a bit more interesting for yourself.” – Victor Zarallo

There are 18 full time dancers in Sydney Dance Company. All dancers rehearse five days a week (six when required), commencing with a ballet or contemporary technique class at 9.30am, then rehearsals until 6pm. Rehearsals range from run-throughs of current repertoire to creating new work for upcoming seasons.

Many dancers also undertake additional training of their choice, such as cycling, swimming or cross training. Contemporary dancers often perform in bare feet or socks dyed to their skin tone, although you may see them wearing different footwear in some pieces. The dancers also see the company physiotherapist a few times a week for tailored pre-hab sessions and to manage any niggles or injuries they may have.

READ: Company dancers Bernhard Knauer and Emily Seymour share their experience of life on tour.



The term ‘choreography’ refers to a sequence of steps that become phrases and make up a dance piece. Like actors remembering their lines, dancers learn and remember these movement phrases during rehearsals so that they can perform them perfectly on stage.

To enable future casts to perform the piece, companies use a number of archival methods, including video-recording, passing it on from human to human (bringing back an original cast dancer to teach a new dancer), and taking notes that describe the intangible parts of the work, for example, ‘how it feels’. There is also choreology – various styles of dance notation which use visual symbols to represent an order of movement.



Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay is located at 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. Previously called Sydney Theatre, it is one of a number of industrial, heritage buildings converted into arts spaces along Sydney’s Harbour. Situated on the site of two old Bond Stores from the 1890s, the theatre took three years to build, opening in 2004.

From the beautiful bare brick walls to intact warehouse machinery, the rugged sandstone wall in the scene dock to wooden panels in the foyers made from timber salvaged from building demolished during the Walsh Bay development, the building speaks of its past. The total capacity for each performance of Forever & Ever is 845, including the stalls and dress circle.



A contemporary dance crowd is diverse. Anything from what you’d wear to see a band, through to smart casual or formal, is appropriate.



The Walsh Bay area has many restaurants and bars with stunning harbour views, where you can enjoy a meal and a drink before or after the show.

Venues include: Ventuno, Fratelli Fresh, Hicksons Izakaya and Lotus Dumpling Bar.

Present your show ticket at Ventuno for 10% off your meal and Hicksons Izakaya for 30% off your pre-show dinner.

Watch our trailer for Forever & Ever, highlights from Frame of Mind, and behind the creation of Forever & Ever.

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Forever & Ever lays siege to the senses with a mighty display of shock and awe. It’s immediate, visceral stuff, as Wednesday’s opening night reception proved. The roars of approval went on and on.” – The Australian

“★★★★★ mind-warping…The collision of beats, movement, fashion and even f**king lasers feels like a rave at an avant garde London Fashion Week show with models swapped out for vogueing cyborgs.” – Pedestrian TV

“★★★★ There is nothing like a strong contrast in a double bill and the Sydney Dance Company’s latest is certainly that: a revival of polished grace and a premiere of something completely different.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“★★★★ 1/2 Two wildly different but thrilling works – with the dancers showing that they can take pretty well whatever is thrown at them and nail it with precision and flair.” Limelight

“★★★★ It’s an inventive and adventurous ride…original and evocative.” – Time Out

“★★★★ A thrilling theatrical experience.” – Daily Review

“This program was remarkable for showing us the breadth of what contemporary dance can accomplish. But the most exciting bit was that both works were stunningly danced.” – Michelle Potter

“Curious, engaging, forceful.” – Sydney Arts Guide

“…wonderfully impactful… a mesmerising vision…” – The Plus Ones

“★★★★…Bonachela’s Frame of Mind delivers an emotionally engaging and overarching choreographic mastery…electric” – Daily Review

“★★★★ 1/2″ – The Age

Frame of Mind delivers captivating scores, wonderful choreography and dance fuelled with emotion…” – ABC Arts

Frame of Mind drills a hole into your heart and brain and makes you leak emotion in that sneaky, visceral way only dance can do.” – Concrete Playground Sydney

“Mind officially blown. If you get a chance go and see Forever & Ever a new work by @sydneydanceco with incredible score by Julian Hamilton from @ThePresets. F**king amazing and it’s only on for a bit. Do it!!!! So worth it. I can’t stop thinking about it.” – Paul Mac (Musician)

“Antony Hamilton’s Forever & Ever was like a Moebius comic crossed with Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” video with a slamming techno score by Julian Hamilton, creating a whole world to get lost in. Bryce Dessner’s angular, climactic compositions complement the controlled chaos beautifully in Frame of Mind too.” – Ben Marshall (Head of Contemporary Music at Sydney Opera House)

Forever & Ever was a brutal, pagan, mechanistic death rave and I LOVED IT; the collective heartbeat of the theatre roared with dread and pleasure. Terrifying choreo from @antonyhamilton ; terrifying score by @jlnhmltn ; killer campaign by @zmorellini” – @nine_things (Audience Member)

“Extraordinary night…Music, costumes, choreography, dancers… and them lasers! Wow!” – Jacqui Bonner (Audience Member)

“Absolutely amazing. The dancers are phenomenal as are both pieces.” – Sheree Zellner (Audience Member)

“Magic makers creating new worlds.” – Stereogamous

“Poetry in motion” – Audience Member