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Join us for Private and Group Pilates Sessions at our state-of-the-art, fully-equipped Conditioning Studio!

As a trained Pilates instructor and former professional ballerina, our Conditioning Studio Manager Felicity McGee works directly with Sydney Dance Company’s professional ensemble, Pre-Professional Year dancers and, now, the general public.

Felicity and her team of Pilates instructors are passionate about finding the most efficient and pain free movement for clients. In each session, they will work with you to build a personalised Pilates program, helping you to target challenging areas or injuries, build strength and flexibility, or sharpen your dance technique.

Felicity McGee

Conditioning Studio Manager

Felicity McGee is Sydney Dance Company’s full-time Conditioning Studio Manager. Working directly with the professional ensemble and Pre-Professional Year, Felicity works with each person to achieve their personal goals.

As a trained Pilates instructor with a Diploma in Contemporary Pilates Teaching Methodology with Tensegrity Training, Felicity has also completed specialised training with leading breath and posture physiotherapist Jakki Tobin.

With her calming and relaxed approach, she has proven experience in seeing clients gain confidence over their bodies’ abilities and their personal goals, whether that be to sit comfortably at their work desk, partake in their hobbies and passions, or hone in on advance dance techniques. Felicity is passionate about finding the most efficient and pain free biomechanics for her clients using hands-on and gentle guidance.

Felicity’s early training was at Elmhurst Ballet School in England and she danced as an apprentice ballerina in Balletto di Siena.

Coti Cibils

Pilates Instructor

Coti Cibils is passionate about movement and anatomy. She completed her Pilates teacher training in 2010 in Argentina and has been teaching ever since. As a hypermobile dancer with various injuries throughout her career, she has studied and worked towards developing a safe and smart way to train bodies.

Her practice is enriched by 14 years of studying and practicing biomechanical stretching. This technique allowed her to develop a deep knowledge about biomechanics and fascial work, helping to realign the body and prevent and treat injuries by developing strong neuromuscular connections that will last a lifetime.

Coti has worked alongside numerous physiotherapists, gaining a deeper knowledge about how bodies work in a global way (tensegrity) and how the root of our injuries can be in different places to where we perceive pain.

With a background in dance and acrobatics, Coti has integrated all her knowledge from different techniques and her work experiences in order to create a tailored Pilates class where no matter your age, injury or main activity, you can get the most efficient training to reach your goals.

Maya Munro

Pilates Instructor

Maya Munro recently completed her studio teaching qualification with Polestar Pilates. Maya has personal experience in rehabilitating injuries and is particularly interested in creating bespoke programs that target specific client needs as required, including; rehabilitation, general fitness, mobility and dance technique. She employs techniques from the forefront of Pilates teaching.

Maya also teaches Cecchetti ballet at the Valerie Jenkins Ballet Academy. She started ballet at age three, training at The McDonald College School of Performing Arts and at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London. She is currently training as a contemporary dancer with Sydney Dance Company’s 2023 Pre-Professional Year.

Melissa Wright

Pilates Instructor

Melissa has two certifications in Pilates from the Australian Pilates Method Association and a full diploma in Pilates Instruction from Polestar Pilates Australia, a worldwide provider of teacher training. After completing her qualifications, she became a mentor for Polestar Pilates students and later promoted to Assistant Educator.

Throughout her career, Melissa has become a leading Pilates mentor within the industry, sharing her teaching skills with hundreds of students both in Australia and overseas. Her passion for mindfulness stemmed from her love of the mindful movement method of Pilates. Melissa found that regular mindfulness practice enhances her teachings and client fulfilment. She is now a diploma-certified life coach and body-mind practitioner who continues to learn and apply the coaching methodology in her own life and specialises in stress reduction through mindfulness.

In 2019, Melissa joined Farran Street Education to create and present a ninety-minute mindfulness webinar for educators and leaders in the childcare industry. This went on to expand into a national tour around Australia presenting half-day workshops.

Her adaptive teaching style and deep listening skills foster trust with her clients. She has provided transformative experiences for her clients and teachers through her extensive knowledge, ongoing education and intuition. It brings Melissa joy and great satisfaction to help others overcome barriers so that they function at the highest level in their best health.

Sareena Barnes

Pilates Instructor

Sareena began a Pilates career following a shoulder injury as a dancer many years ago. Pilates aided greatly in her recovery and prompted Sareena to explore Pilates further. She is interested in alignment and efficient movement of the body, not only in its outwardly physical movements but also the bio-mechanical aspects of our complex anatomical functions.

For Sareena, Pilates not only combines the mind-body system of exercise that has always compelled her, but also the physical therapy and sports science behind how the body works.

What are Private Pilates Sessions?

Private Pilates Sessions are available in-person or online. Each session will run for 55 minutes.

In your first session, your instructor will begin with a postural assessment to identify your specific needs and goals. They will then guide you through personalised exercises, with detailed and hands-on instructions to help facilitate correct alignment and technique.

Going forward, you will continue to work on your individual and personalised Pilates program, assessing your progress over time.

Each session will include toning, strengthening and stretching exercises that leave you feeling energised, light and clear-minded.

Session times

Session times are available from 7am until 7.30pm Monday – Friday. See pricing options below.

New Drop In Mat Classes

New Drop-In Mat Classes

Every Tuesday at 12.30pm.

Drop-In Mat Pilates classes are available for anyone to join – no experience necessary.

In these sessions, your instructor will guide you through a full body workout including strengthening, toning, and stretching exercises designed to help you walk out feeling lighter, taller, and grounded.

Your instructor will be able to modify exercises based on your body’s needs helping to target problem areas and keeping your practice safe and challenging.

Please bring your own yoga mat for this class. 

Session times

Session times are every Tuesday starting at 12.30pm. Click below for pricing and to book now.

What are Small Group Pilates Sessions?

Group Pilates Sessions are only available in-person. Each session will run for 55 minutes.

After completing a private session, you may join a small group session capped at 4 clients per session. You will move at your own pace, completing your personalised Pilates program in the fully equipped Pilates Studio (Conditioning Studio) as your instructor corrects and refines your technique whilst introducing new exercises as needed.

Session times

Session times are available from 6.30am until early afternoon Monday – Friday. See pricing options below.


Private Pilates Sessions (In-Person)
Intro Pack (3 Privates valued at $390)$200Buy
Single Session$130Buy
5 Pack$625Buy
10 Pack$1200Buy
20 Pack $2300Buy
Private Online Pilates Session (Please contact customer service to organise)
Single Session$95
Group Pilates Sessions (In-Person Only)
Single Session$60Buy
5 Pack$275Buy
10 Pack$500Buy
20 Pack $900Buy

Before your first session

Once you have booked your first session, you will receive a booking confirmation email. This will include a link to complete an initial questionnaire form.

It is important to complete this form ahead of time to allow your instructor to adequately prepare for your first session.

What you need for each session

We recommended you have the following available for your sessions:


– Large Towel
– Fresh Socks
– Comfortable clothes that you can move in


– Pilates mat or towel
– Comfortable clothes that you can move in
– Any props you may have handy at home such as a pillow, foam roller and theroband (all classes can be done without props)
– A device (preferably a laptop) with a stable internet connection and a good camera and microphone
– A Zoom account (to set up zoom click here)