Work by Rafael Bonachela

An uplifting new work from Rafael Bonachela, capturing the lightness and positivity of new beginnings.

” a lovely piece, with Glass-ian repetitions criss-crossing the quartet…fabulous” – Limelight on Moore’s Cicadidae

Info & Dates

Dates: Resound 28 October – 5 November

Venue   Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay

Featuring the evocative score Cicadidae by Australian composer Kate Moore, recorded by the Australian String Quartet, this new work by Rafael Bonachela captures the lightness of a world turning over a new leaf.

The aural backdrop is the quintessential sound of an Australian summer and with costumes by the unmistakable masters of colour, Romance was Born, Summer will have your spirits soaring.

The world premiere of Summer will be part of the Resound triple-bill in November 2022.

Resound Triple Bill at the Roslyn Packer Theatre 2022

Fri 28 October, 7.30pm Opening Night
Sat 29 October, 2.00pm
Sat 29 October, 7.30pm

Tues 1 November, 6.30pm
Wed 2 November, 6.30pm
Thur 3 November, 7.30pm
Fri 4 November, 7.30pm
Sat 5 November, 2.00pm
Sat 5 November, 7.30pm

The Creative Team

Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela
Lighting: Damien Cooper
Costumes: Romance Was Born and Ken Done
Score: Cicadidae by Kate Moore, recorded by Australian String Quartet

Cicadidae by Kate Moore: Commissioned by the Australian String Quartet through the Australian String Quartet Richard Divall Australian Music Fund, in honour of ASQ Patron Maria Myers AC.

Performed by the Australian String Quartet
Dale Barltrop: Violin I
Francesca Hiew: Violin II
Stephen King: Viola
Sharon Grigoryan: Cello

Composed by Kate Moore
Published by Deuss Music
Recorded at ABC Studio 520, Collinswood, June 2019.

Alex Stinson: Producer, Editor & Mastering
Russell Thomson: Engineer
Angelina Zucco: ASQ Chief Executive
Sophie Emery: ASQ Operations Manager

Released by ASQ Australian Anthology Aug 2020 ISRC AUMEV2020985

Artwork: Jim Tsinganos Illustration
Art Direction: Cul-de-Sac Creative

Cheat Sheet

Who created the movement?

“Last year, when I was creating with the company, there was an extended period where we could be in the same room but weren’t able to physically touch. I knew at that moment, that what I was going to create a year later was going to be the antithesis of that. A feeling of embracing in a way that we hadn’t. Then, I came across the score which had this rhythmic sound of a cicada – the quintessential sound of summer – and it inspired me to create a story that would be restorative, that would radiate energy, light, spirit, and a feeling of unity. A gentle urgency to live again and feel joy with one another is something that I felt we were all craving; and I hope that this new season of joy, exploration and touch is a summer that lasts a lifetime.” – Rafael Bonachela

Who created the music and what will it sound like?

“When I hear a piece of music, it has to speak to me in some way. And the wonderful thing about music is that emotional connection can be different every time. Sometimes, but not all the time, I can visualise the body and how it will move to certain pieces of music – I see movement, I see patterns. And then once that connection is established, I listen to it on repeat, relentlessly.” – Rafael Bonachela

The music for Summer features the hypnotizingly evocative score Cicadidae by Australian composer Kate Moore and has been recorded by the Australian String Quartet.

What will the performance look like?

Summer features vibrant, modern and joyful costumes created by Romance Was Born with collage prints of renowned Australian artist Ken Done’s iconic artworks representative of the work. The minimal set design and lighting bring focus to the three dancers who command the stage throughout the 16-minute work. The movement entangles with intensity, through intimate and explosive moments, mimicking the mating rituals of the cicada as the dancers capture the lightness and positivity of new beginnings.


“★★★★ Spirit-lifting… it’s a corker.” – Limelight

★★★★ It runs at a hectic pace… three entwining their bodies in complex partnering.” – Sydney Morning Herald 

“Optimistic and gratifying, there’s much to be impressed with Summer.” – That Show Blog 

Summer features a kaleidoscope of colour, warmth, and closeness, intoxicatingly shared by a trio of dancers.” – Sydney Arts Guide

Summer sates your hunger for grace, satisfies your craving for tenderness, quenches your thirst for light.” – Sydney Arts Guide