Teachers’ Tips: How to Improve Technique


21 February 2017

Our new blog series features our dance teachers’ tips on common challenges, such as improving your flexibility and picking up choreography faster.

In the first instalment, teachers give their advice on how to work on technique – essential for all styles, from Ballet to Hip Hop.

Ramon Doringo, Jazz:

“Take Ballet classes. It is an essential part of Jazz technique. Attend lots of classes that are challenging and incorporate other styles. Listen and take corrections well and apply them. Practice is important in improving your technique.”

Chris Mifsud, Contemporary/Lyrical:

“Students who are looking to improve their technique should be taking regular classes in their preferred genre, and with a variety of teachers for additional information. Regular Ballet classes in particular highly improves technique, alignment awareness and coordination, all of which aid in other dance genres.”

James Deane, Hip Hop:

“Practice in front of the mirror to get correct lines and angles and, when you are confident, do it without the mirror.”

Dale Pope, Lyrical:

“Core strength is key to coping with more advanced classes. Invest time in attending Ballet and Pilates to strengthen the body’s knowledge of complex stability and weight transfers.”

Andrea Briody, Ballet:

“Attending plenty of classes is a good way to improve technique, but make sure to listen to corrections and try to apply them.”

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