Pre-hab Interview with Company Dancer Josephine Weise


1 March 2017

How long have you been completing your pre-hab program?
We trialled our pre-hab programs for roughly three weeks at the beginning of the year. Following that period, we try to maintain these programs where we can find time throughout the day.

Did you know about pre-hab and its benefits prior to beginning these sessions?
Yes. Before commencing these programs we had an insightful talk with our physio Ashlea and our company doctor regarding the import role pre-hab has in injury prevention and overall physical well-being.

Do you find the scheduled daily pre-hab time beneficial?
It can be hard to find time in the day to complete all of our pre-hab exercises so to have a slot of time allocated specifically for that was great to to keep on top of any niggles or weakness we might have.

Can you give us a breakdown or some examples of what your specific pre-hab session looks like?
A few places my niggles or injuries that tend to reoccur are my ankles/feet, glutes and hips. I was prescribed the following exercises to strengthen them:

Quadratus femoris 4 point kneeling with weight transfer
Adductor side lie
Step up on block
Calf rises
Toe swipes and press downs
Doming (Narrow through east and west)

Looking ahead, how do you think your pre-hab will serve you throughout the year?
Provided we can integrate it into our schedule I think it will help immensely to reduce the risk of injury and improve on personal weaknesses.


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See Josephine perform in our upcoming double-bill, Orb, on 29 April – 27 May.


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