Pre-Professional Year 2017 so far…


17 February 2017

Our  Pre-Professional Year are just wrapping up three weeks of their studies, here’s some insights from the students on what they’ve learned so far:

“If I could sum up it up in one word it would be AUTHENTIC. Authenticity in our turnout, authenticity in our improvisation and authenticity in our lives! Working with Dean Walsh in week 2 gave us a new outlook on movement, combining blindfolds, authentic improvisation and Sonic Immersion allowed us to delve deep into the ocean and ourselves.” – Brielle De Thomasis

‘The overall vibe and atmosphere continues to blossom. As pre-professional artists it’s a beautiful feeling to watch each other emerge from our shy selves into more comfortable human beings. We have been focused on exploring different ways to develop creative choreographic skills and concepts. The tasks at hand made some of us draw back to different events we have come across as individuals and also made us come together even more to support one another.” – Claire Abaijah – Griffin 

“Learning Contact Improvisation taught by Alejandro Rolandi and Lee-anne Litton has been a highlight so far. Their passion as well as their extensive knowledge of Contact Improvisation made me so eager to participate and take in as much information as possible when exploring new areas of the form such as rolling point of contact and weight sharing. Once I had a good understanding of these areas it opened my awareness to the many interesting different ways in which you and your partner can move together as one. Along the way there were some challenges however it was overcoming the challenges that made my experience that much more rewarding. This technique has taught me how to really trust your partner, be patient and connect with them through only one sensation.” – Jasmine Bard 

“For many of us Contact Improvisation is something we hadn’t done before, taking us out of our comfort zones, making it uncomfortable and awkward to begin with. However, as the week progressed it was incredible to see the development of these concepts and how they translate, to create an authentic connection and conversation between two bodies.  Contact improvisation is such an important skill to have as it’s essential that dancers are aware of each other’s bodies, and can connect and move in an honest andcreative way.” – Harry Pohl

Find out more about our Pre-Professional Year 2017 course here.

Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year is proudly supported by Lexus.

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