School Holiday Workshop – Aaliyah and Biju’s Experience


10 January 2024


Daniel Boud

2024 has kicked off with our Summer School Holiday Workshops. Throughout this first week, we’ve chatted with a few participants and their parents about their experience here at Sydney Dance Company.

Aaliyah – 10-12 years Beginner Dance 2-day course participant

How have you found the past two days?
Really exciting! I’ve learnt so many new and different things. Each session is different and it’s been so exciting!

When did you start dancing?
I’ve been dancing since I started walking.

What do you love most about dancing?
The way it makes someone feel once you get into the groove and the rhythm. I love dancing because it makes me feel upbeat and happy. Watching other people dance is also mindblowing, just seeing their talent and skill which is so great.

What was special about dancing at Sydney Dance Company?
I liked the different techniques and styles we got to learn. We learnt four different techniques and styles in just one six hour day, and it just opens your mind to all the possibilities that are available here at Sydney Dance Company! I loved meeting new people at Sydney Dance Company and making new friends.

What was your favourite session?
I loved the hip hop classes. I love anything fast and upbeat, and the hip hop classes at Sydney Dance Company let us keep learning from one thing to the next.

What would you say to your friends who might want to dance at Sydney Dance Company?
I would tell them to definitely do it – it’s such a nice change and great opportunity to experience this many dance techniques and styles at Sydney Dance Company.


Biju (Aaliyah’s dad)

Why did you choose Sydney Dance Company workshops for Aaliyah?
I’ve looked at lots of dance studios and they weren’t really structured and it wasn’t clear what you would get out of the session. But the Sydney Dance Company website was easy to navigate and I could see exactly what I wanted. The customer service team were so helpful and so kind.

How did Aaliyah find the workshops?
Aaliyah was so nervous before coming on the first day. I told her to go with an open mind and see how she goes for the first day. When I picked her up at the end of the first day she had the biggest smile on her face and she said she didn’t like it, she loved it! She woke up so energised and excited for the second day.

Would you recommend the workshops to other parents?
Absolutely! It was such a positive experience and I could see the change in Aaliya’s mood after the first day and I could see how happy she was.

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