School Holiday Workshop – Oscar and Andrew’s Experience


4 January 2024


Daniel Boud

2024 has kicked off with our Summer School Holiday Workshops. Throughout this first week, we’ve chatted with a few participants and their parents about their experience here at Sydney Dance Company.

Oscar – 10-12 years Beginner Dance course participant

When and how did you start dancing?

I started dancing at school last year. My school held a showcase that I decided to participate in.

What do you enjoy about dancing?

I love participating in the arts. I really enjoy graceful movement for example soft flowing moves, it feels nice to perform.

What is special about Sydney Dance Company?

I do like how it floats over the water and also the teachers are very nice!

Can you tell us about something you learnt during one of your workshops?

Contemporary was really fun, we learnt a new move called the American Swing with Eliza. We also had theatre jazz and hip-hop. I really liked theatre jazz because it was exciting and vibrant and also contemporary because it had the graceful movements that I like.

What would you tell your friends about coming to Sydney Dance Company?

I would tell my friends that coming to Sydney Dance Company is a good way to improve your skills and keep you excited about dance.


Andrew (Oscar’s dad)

Why did you choose a Sydney Dance Company Workshop for Oscar?

Oscar has shown interest in dance recently at school, so we thought it would be a good idea to come to Sydney Dance Company to get some basic foundations and skills. It’s obviously a well-known brand and so we thought it would be fun for him to come along.

What did Oscar learn from the workshops?

I think it helped him discover what styles he loves and also some basics and principles to be able to move forward into different areas.

Would you recommend our workshops and why?

Yes, I would recommend the workshops. It encourages the joy in dance and the foundations and general skills. Also, Oscar loves that the studios are on the wharf and floating on water!

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