Get to know our Pilates Instructor Coti Cibils


15 March 2024

When did you start Pilates and why?  

I started Pilates in 2005 as a complement to my dance training. It was kind of a novelty in my country and I was amazed how much it could help train the connections in my body I needed for dance.  

Why did you decide to become an instructor?  

I was interested in learning more about the methodology behind Pilates but my passion for teaching and helping others grew exponentially. Pilates became a tool to help a wide demographic from pre-professional dancers, hypermobile people, desk workers to people with degenerative diseases and I found that so rewarding.  

What is your favourite thing about instructing?  

Making a tangible difference in people’s life… and of course the love we receive back from our patients/students.   

What is your favourite exercise to teach?  

I don’t have a favourite exercise, but I love to “re wire” people’s mind-body connections through a biomechanical approach, to reverse damaging postural patterns, and to unlock hidden possibilities in their bodies.   

What do you like doing in your spare time?  

I really enjoy doing activities that fulfil my spirit like being in nature, spending time with loved ones, meditating and watching art performances. 


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