Pre-Professional Year: Working with Ayman Harper


3 March 2017

“We were privileged to have Ayman Harper as our guest teacher last week. Having worked closely with William Forsythe, Ayman focused on lines and the deconstruction of the foundation of classical movement. We explored repertoire from William Forsythe’s Enemy in the Figure which was both incredible and challenging. The choreography was extremely intricate, in particular experimenting with the duration of movements. We were given tools to explore symmetry, matching, extracting, avoiding, folding and syncopation, from which we had creative freedom to explore. These tools will help in all genres of our training, giving us an insight into the biomechanics of what we are trying to achieve. Ayman encouraged us to perceive ourselves as three dimensional beings and to question whether we were “looking” or “seeing”. It was obvious that Ayman was incredibly observant, and it was inspiring to see how knowledgable and passionate he was in his craft.” – PPY Dancer Laura Vlasic

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