Get to know our Pilates Instructor Sareena Barnes


17 March 2024

When did you start Pilates and why? 

 I started Pilates almost 15years ago now after I had a shoulder injury from dancing 


Why did you decide to become an instructor?  

I had moved abroad and was given an opportunity to take a course in soemthing new and different and decided Pilates instructing was soemthing I wanted to do since it had helped me so much with my injury 


What is your favourite thing about instructing? 

 I love it when clients or participants to my classes leave the session with me feeling lengthened and strengthened and ready to take on the world!  


What is your favourite exercise to teach? 

 I love teaching people to find and connect with their deepest muscles and correct their postures in accordance with doing a myriad of different exercises 


What do you like doing in your spare time? 

 I love to dance and move my body freely in the little spare time that I have! I like to feel music and rhythm and feel my body flow and express in any which way it needs to! I also love roller-skating and hiking! 

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