Get to know our Pilates Instructor Anna Harrison


17 March 2024

When did you start Pilates and why? 

I started Pilates over 20 years ago when a friend of a friend was setting up a new studio and offering ‘mates’ rates’. I was a broke student who had always been curious about trying Pilates, so I decided to take up the offer. I was hooked after the first session! I feel it’s a testament to how great Pilates is, that I managed to scrape together the money each week in order to get to a weekly session, even as a financially struggling student. 


Why did you decide to become an instructor? 

Time and time again, I experienced how beneficial Pilates was for my health. I started seeing how important daily movement, exercise and optimal alignment were for my own wellbeing and happiness. Over the years I noticed more and more how our modern lifestyles have negatively impacted the movement our bodies experience daily, and how sedentarism particularly affects our overall health. I decided that instead of deliberating over the problem, I wanted to be part of the solution – for myself and for others. 


What is your favourite thing about instructing? 

I feel a quiet satisfaction seeing a client do Pilates – knowing how much benefit that person will derive from their session; and the feeling that I contribute a small amount to the betterment they work towards. 


What is your favourite exercise to teach? 

Footwork on the Reformer and Chair – I am endlessly fascinated by the complexity, essentiality and biomechanics of the humble squat. 


What do you like doing in your spare time? 

I’ve recently started ballet classes at SDC – as an absolute beginner. So much fun! 🙂


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