Get to know our Pilates Instructor Maya Munro


17 March 2024

When did you start Pilates and why? 

I first started Pilates at the age of 13 to learn to control my mobile joints and support my ballet technique. However, it wasn’t until 16 – a broken foot and torn ligaments – that I found Pilates in a rehabilitative capacity.  

Why did you decide to become an instructor? 

When at 19 I had a severe neck and head injury, Pilates gave me pain free movement, rebuilt my strength and confidence, and became an essential part of my daily routine. I wanted to share this freedom of movement with others, so I became an instructor.  

What is your favourite thing about instructing? 

My favourite part of teaching is that ‘ah ha’ movement of realisation when a client has a breakthrough in their understanding of a movement or their own body. 

What is your favourite exercise to teach? 

 I am currently interested in exercises for functional core strength – teaching the core to support and stabilise the spine the way we want it to throughout our daily lives.  

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

When not doing Pilates, I am probably dancing, watching dance or teaching dance. However, outside of the studio I am an avid reader who loves to hike, camp and travel. 

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