Five reasons why Classes Member Divya loves the Virtual Studio


30 March 2020


Pedro Greig

Classes Member Divya was a regular at our Ultimo studio. Last week, as soon as we launched the Virtual Studio, she attended some of the classes and shared all the reasons why she loves it so much already.

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1. Saves time and effort

I don’t have to rush to the Ultimo studio after work, get changed, then rush home afterwards. I also don’t need to pack a bag in the morning to take to work, and then carry it around all day. All of this usually puts me off going to a class. Even if I intend to at the start of the day, I often don’t make it. But with the Virtual Studio I can, and want to, do many more classes.

2. I can join and leave at any time without disturbing the class

I’m at home, so if I need to take a break, I can.

3. I can be so bad at dancing but not self-conscious because I can turn the camera off!

I’m actually tempted to try more challenging classes that I would be too embarrassed to take in person.

4. I can see the teachers clearly
There’s no one in the way so it’s easier to follow along.

5. Flexibility

If I have a meeting cancelled in the middle of the day, I can decide to take a class five mins before it starts. If I had planned to go running, but it starts raining suddenly like it did tonight, I can take a class instead. Also I can wear my daggy clothes!

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