From a Member to a Member: Emi Davies Barnier shares advice for Virtual Studios attendees


1 April 2020

“The Virtual Studio classes are the perfect opportunity for non-dancers to try something new in the comfort of their own home.”

We spoke with longtime Classes Member Emi Davies Barnier about the new Virtual Studio and what new Members can expect from the online classes.

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Q. Why do you dance?

I dance as an outlet for my creativity and emotion. Being brought up with dance, there is nothing I am more passionate about. I love feeling fit, strong and healthy after having fun exploring the limits and capacity of my body through expressive movement. Dance is such a beautiful art form, I love it.

Q. Which classes do you attend at Sydney Dance Company?

I love that with my Virtual Studio membership I can trial a range of classes! It is such good opportunity to try new styles and levels to grow as a dancer. The classes I have taken are Theatre Jazz, Contemporary, Latin Funk Workout, Lyrical, Stretch, Ballet, Jazz and Pilates.

Q. What has been the most valuable advice given by your teacher in class?

That class is your time and your space, to always focus on yourself and work to the level you’re comfortable with. You should use class as a time for experimentation, to let loose and enjoy dancing.

Q. What do you enjoy most about Sydney Dance Company’s new Virtual Studio?

I like that the new online classes allow me to take a quick break from my school work and chores to do a fun dance class in my living room. It leaves me feeling energised and is great fun. I don’t even have to get out of my pyjamas!

Q. What do you think are the advantages of the Virtual Studio?

Dancing at home takes away the hassles of travel and parking which really motivates and allows me to get up and dance more! The online classes are affordable so I can do plenty of classes to stay happy, healthy and try out new things. In the Virtual Studio I can try new styles or challenging steps without feeling like an ugly duckling in a class of people who can already do it! Whenever I forget the choreography or make a mistake I can go on dancing confidently and having fun.

Q. Who do you think the Virtual Studio will appeal to?

I think the classes are great for people who struggle to get to a studio. Whether it be because they have busy schedules, young children, confidence issues, don’t have local studios, or who want to be part of the Sydney Dance Company community but live too far away.

Q. What would you say to a non-dancer who might want to try a Sydney Dance Company Virtual Studio class?

The Virtual Studio classes are the perfect opportunity for non-dancers to try something new in the comfort of their own home! The online environment allows you to feel completely safe and confident taking the class at your own pace.

There’s a dance class for everyone, at any experience level. Book your Virtual Studio class now.

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