Company dancer Victor Zarallo reflects on his first week as a Virtual Studio teacher


27 March 2020

This week we proudly launched the Virtual Studio, an online dance class program to get you moving at home with your Sydney Dance Company community. Victor Zarallo, a world-class teacher and Company dancer, takes us through his experience of the new Virtual Studio.

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Q. How are you finding the Virtual Studio?

I was a bit nervous at first as this way of teaching is brand new for the Company and for me. To prepare I spoke with a blogger friend of mine for advice on how to run the class and interact with the attendees. I’m loving it though. It feels like a private class and the feedback has been really positive.

Q. How does it feel to be a teacher of the Virtual Studio?

Teaching is what I love. It’s what I feel that I should be doing. I was already teaching with the Company before the Virtual Studio so to continue fills me with joy.

As a dancer of 12 years, it makes me happy to pass on my experience, and help others feel more positive, especially in our current situation.

Q. How are you adapting to working from home?

I quite like it! I’m spending time with my partner Mia who is also a Company dancer and I still feel connected to the other dancers and students through the Virtual Studio.

We’re very lucky to have a sunroom with great lighting and space so it’s perfect to teach classes from home!

Q. What tips do you have for people preparing for the Virtual Studio?

Don’t start a class straight after lying on the sofa or bed. Get that blood flowing! I like calf raises as a strengthening warm-up.

Wooden floors are best. If you only have carpet, then wear socks but read the situation: if you’re feeling discomfort then apply less pressure and make sure you’re always comfortable. It’s important to check in with yourself.

If you’re planning to attend my Ballet class, make sure you have something to hold on to like a chair, a table, or anything that will stabilise. Have enough space for your leg to stretch to the side, front and back. And always have some water handy.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone soon when they join my Virtual Studio Ballet class.

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