Inside Sydney Dance Company with Company Dancer Janessa Dufty


8 August 2017

Over eight years ago I walked into Sydney Dance Company with an open heart and open mind ready for anything. From my audition I was hooked, and it was in that very moment I knew my passion for dance was ignited even further.

At Sydney Dance Company I work closely with a diverse mix of genuine individuals that are incredibly humble, talented and rich with artistic qualities and backgrounds. These inspiring people that surround me everyday challenge my creativity and physicality, helping me to grow as an artist, learning through innovative ways of dance practice and refining my art.

Not only do we get to perform many different shows created by choreographers from all around the world, we also get to be creative and express through dance what we investigate through research and development, in order to build the choreographic vision of the Company.

My most vivid moments are when I am performing on stage and sharing my craft. The connection made between my spirit, the energy of my fellow dancers and the viewers is special and like no other. No matter where we’re performing in the world I will always say ‘this is where the magic lies’… on stage.

The encounters and experiences during the touring life as a dancer is electrifying especially when our performances are amongst festivals, bringing artists together from all over the world inspiring each other with dance, music, theatre and culture.

La Biennale di Venezia in Italy, Movimentos in Germany and the International Festival in Mexico are my highlights. I feel extremely lucky to travel and discover other parts of the world with this amazing team of diverse individuals, together we bring out each other’s strengths and we achieve beyond.

Sydney Dance Company is an incredible place to share my love and passion for the arts as well as to learn and grow. It is an honour to be a part of the Company.


Janessa Dufty has been a Company dancer at Sydney Dance Company since 2009. Visit her page here to read her bio and find out more.

Applications for Company Auditions close Friday 11 August. Apply Apply here..

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