PPY17: Transitioning from Dancer to Artist


16 August 2017

Brad Carter is a Pre-Professional Year 2017 student. In this Q&A, he discusses how his ideas about contemporary dance have changed over the year.

Why did you want to join Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year?

I joined PPY to focus on making the transition from dancer to artist. I always wondered how choreographers start with an idea and then go through a creative process to get it to stage. I am always intrigued by dancers who are organic and authentic, and don’t have this idea of ‘performing’ and ‘showing’ the audience.

What weren’t you expecting?

I wasn’t expecting to have so many different artists come in and share their artistry, influenced by their different backgrounds and culture. I wasn’t expecting to have the ability to take that all in and figure out for myself what it is that I want to pursue. It’s amazing how very grounded and humble these guest artists are despite their success.

How have you changed your perceptions of dance?

Being a beautiful dancer is one thing, but having the thought process behind every movement is what interests me in dance. Having that vulnerability and rawness has changed my perspective of dance. Contemporary work where every dancer has their own strong intention is the most exhilarating thing to watch.

What have you discovered about yourself as an artist?

I have discovered that I am passionate about so many things in life and I have learned so many ways to express them through contemporary dance. I have learned not to take myself too seriously and become vulnerable.

What is dance for you?

Dance for me is where you are able to open a door between yourself and the audience, and draw emotions and ask questions. This enables the audience to find the answers from their own perspective or interpretation – then dance becomes communication.


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