New Creations 1

19 March — 10 April 2010


6 Breaths is the second collaboration between Italian composer Ezio Bosso and Rafael Bonachela, set to a commissioned score by Ezio. In 6 Breaths, Bonachela takes his intricate choreographic language and fuses it to a score written by Bosso for six cellos and a piano to create a piece that celebrates the act of breathing as the very spirit of life: 

The first breath is the life breath; the second is breathlessness – out of breath; the third, the crying breath or where breath is interrupted by emotion; the fourth is in the same breath; the fifth breath is a whisper – under one’s breath – and the sixth is last breath” – Rafael Bonachela.

Are We That We Are is a physical exploration into the existence of altered states of consciousness within human experience choreographed by Sydney-born artist Adam Linder. Embodying arcane states of otherness, this work investigates mysticism and spirituality, rapture and trance states, psychedelia and sexuality, to expose realms of awareness beneath the surface of everyday reality. By illuminating the potential of the body to transcend the conscious self, we are asked to question what lies beyond ordinary rational consciousness.

Performance History

Sydney Theatre
19 March – 10 April 2010

Teatro Malibran, Venice, Italy (Are We That We Are)
3-5 June 2010


6 Breaths 
Rafael Bonachela in collaboration with the dancers
Composer: Ezio Bosso
6 Breaths Concept: Rafael Bonachela & Ezio Bosso
Video Art: Tim Richardson
Costume Design: Josh Goot
Lighting Design: Nick Schlieper
Sound Design: Adam Iuston

Are We That We Are
Choreographer: Adam Linder
Costume Design: Jordan Askill
Lighting Design: Nick Schlieper
Sound Design: Adam Synnott

New Creations 1 Campaign Photography: Tim Richardson


“A delicious feast for the senses… Are We That We Are is electric… The fluidity of Rafael Bonachela’s choreography is superb” – Daily Telegraph 

Are We That We Are… a feat of arresting beauty and imagination” Sydney Morning Herald 

“Rafael Bonachela’s 6 Breaths has sections of intensity and beauty that will stamp themselves on your mind” – Sydney Morning Herald 

Are We That We Are… challenges, intrigues and surprisingly, burrows under the skin.” – The Australian 

“A diverse and powerful double bill… Are We That We Are is a startling and impressive debut…6 Breaths is vigorous yet poised and mesmerising to watch. There’s something here for everyone.”Sun-Herald 

Bonachela’s choreography gives full rein to the soft lyricism, physical strength and superb technique of the dancers, who all perform breathtakingly well in a lovely work.” – Sunday Telegraph