Pedro Greig

Resident Multimedia Artist

Pedro Greig is a multi-award-winning Director of Photography. An accomplished visual storyteller and versatile strategic thinker, Peter is well known as a creative jack-in-a-box when it comes to creating high quality productions.Affectionately known at Sydney Dance Company as Pedro, he is the company’s Resident MultiMedia Artist, producing the majority of the company’s visual content.

His client list also includes Sydney Opera House, Canon, Nike, National Geographic, Kaldor Public Art Projects, Australian Chamber Orchestra, Melbourne Recital Centre, Sydney Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company, Destination NSW, Commonwealth Bank and Garmin. Canon own a large collection of Peter’s panoramic images, permanently installed in their Sydney HQ and Chifley Square showroom.Peter’s photographic career began in 2010, leaving behind a 13-year career as an Art Director when Australia Council for the Arts awarded him a 12-month residency with Sydney Dance Company under the Digital Arts Era program. The resulting body of work from the residency became the subject of case studies and educational programs in the Australian arts sector, which resulted in Peter being invited to lecture and host workshops at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.In 2012, Peter was invited back to Sydney Dance Company for an ongoing residency.That same year, he was the curator of VIVID Sydney’s new Arts Precinct Light Walk – the southern hemisphere’s largest arts festival that currently draws over 1.5 million visitors per event. The new walk included 14 sculptural light installations in Sydney’s performing arts district, and extended the festival to be the largest in VIVID’s history in both geographical size and number of artworks. To date, five works of Peter’s have been exhibited at VIVID Sydney.Within 18 months of taking up photography professionally, Sydney Opera House commissioned Peter to hold a solo photography and short film exhibition in their foyers. The acclaimed exhibition, titled MEMENTO, was a huge success and secured his position as a highly sought after talent both locally and internationally. Since then, Peter has been invited to talk at many creative industry events to discuss his creative process, critique and provide feedback on aspiring photographers’ work, and run workshops.

In 2014, Peter became a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography – where he entered the Australian Professional Photography Awards for the first time, receiving three silver awards. In 2015, Peter worked with UK sound artist Mira Calix for her work Inside There Falls during Sydney Festival. In June, he worked with Kaldor Public Art Projects and Marina Abramovic for their performance art project Marina Abramovic: In Residence. He has also won three silver awards at the 2015 NSW Professional Photography Awards and has received his second nomination for an Australian Dance Award for Dance In Film.