Interplay is a triple bill that premiered on Monday 17 March 2014.
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The program includes:

2 in D Minor
World premiere at Sydney Theatre, 17 March 2014
Choreography: Rafael Bonachela
Music: JS Bach and Nick Wales
Violinist: Veronique Serret
Costume Design: Rafael Bonachela
Costumes Realisation: Fiona Holley
Stage and Lighting Design: Benjamin Cisterne

Cast: 16 dancers
Running Time: 38 mins

Raw Models
World premiere at Sydney Theatre, 29 March 2011
Choreography: Jacopo Godani
Music: 48nord
Commissioned score
Ulrich Mueller & Siegfried Roessert
Costumes and Lighting: Jacopo Godani
Costumes Realisation: Claire-Louise Rasmussen

Cast: 7 dancers
Running Time: 26 mins

World premiere at Sydney Theatre, 17 March 2014
Choreographer: Gideon Obarzanek
Composer: Stefan Gregory
Writer: David Woods
Costume Designer: Harriet Oxley
Stage and Lighting Design: Benjamin Cisterne
Actor: Sydney: Zoe Coombs Marr; Canberra & Melbourne: David Woods

Cast: 16 dancers and 1 actor
Running Time: 28 mins

BonachelaGodani and Obarzanek: three choreographers that have each carved their own, unique paths through the world of contemporary dance, pushing at the possibilities of movement with acclaimed, innovative works. Now, for the first time ever, these dance prodigies share the one canvas.

Rafael Bonachela, Sydney Dance Company’s award-winning Artistic Director, begins the program with the world premiere of his latest work 2 in D Minor, a drastic and vivid reimagining of Bach’s majestic Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor. Italian choreographer Jacopo Godani revisits his critically acclaimed 2011 composition, Raw Models – a sinuous, sexy testament to the infinite malleability of the human body. Finally, former Chunky Move director and dancer with Sydney Dance Company, Gideon Obarzanek returns with L’Chaim! (‘to life’ in Hebrew and Yiddish), an uplifting piece featuring the entire company.

Drawing together three distinct visions for dance, Interplay presents a triple bill of breathtaking ambition – a glorious salute to the state of contemporary dance, and an exhilarating reminder: that sometimes the things that set us apart are the things that bind us closest together.

Winner of 2014 Helpmann Award:

Duration: Approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes including two 15 minute intervals.

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