Benjamin Cisterne

Stage and Lighting Designer

Benjamin’s reputation is for finesse and a gutsy approach to design, based in light. Benjamin is known for creating bold designs that are integral to a project. He works collaboratively on all projects and has been involved in all forms of museum, exhibition and performing arts projects professionally for 15 years. Benjamin is passionate about the capability of light in spatial design, performance and its role in art. Benjamin has extensive experience working both nationally and internationally with diverse teams and projects. He splits his time between exhibition / museum specification and performing arts design where he is especially well-known for his work in dance.

Benjamin’s lighting design for Sydney Dance Company’s 2 One Another was nominated for a 2012 Green Room Award. His other work for Sydney Dance Company includes Project Rameau, Contemporary Women, Emergence, Les Illuminations, 2 in D Minor, L’Chaim!, Scattered Rhymes, Parenthesis and Frame of Mind.