My time in the Pre-Professional Year so far


20 June 2014

I didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ to Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year when Course Director Linda Gamblin offered me a place on the phone.

Since 16, Sydney Dance Company has been an inspiration for me throughout my dance training. Taking up the position was some what intimidating as I didn’t have any experience in full time dancing before. This was something I had to overcome. Fortunately, Linda instilled her philosophy from the beginning, allowing us to experiment and improvise without judgement of ourselves and others.
Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year has not only challenged me physically but mentally. We have new choreographers and teachers come in weekly, teaching us new techniques and choreography. The amount of information I have gathered over these first two terms has improved my awareness of my physical structure, posture, strengths and my ability to develop and find my own way of movement.This course has definitely emphasised the connection between mind and body.

It has been an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding experience surrounded by amazing teachers, Company dancers and choreographers. I am excited to see what is lined up for us in the next two terms.

– Class of 2014 Pre-Professional Year Student Phillipa Mills.

Register your interest for our 2015 Pre-Professional Year here. Applications open in early July.

Image: Richard Freeman

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