Q&A with Dancer David Mack


26 June 2014

We chat with dancer David Mack about his return to WA for the 2 One Another tour.

You’ve recently lived in WA and previously worked for West Australian Ballet. What’s your favourite thing about the state?
My favourite thing would have to be the lifestyle – sun, beach, space. Things also move nice and slow which is great for our kids to run around!


What have you found to be the main differences between working for a ballet Company and a contemporary dance Company?

For me there’s a couple of main differences between the two. I find in a contemporary Company the work load tends to be a lot higher on a day to day basis. Having less dancers in the Company and a different type of repertoire means we tend to be more active in each production than in a ballet Company where the work load can be divided between soloist, principals and corp de ballet. There is also much more opportunity for creative input in a contemporary Company.

What is the most rewarding and challenging thing about 2 One Another for you?

The ‘Dark Half’ section is my favourite and the most challenging. It’s intense and fast and relentless. You get totally exhausted by the end of it and I love that.

Where’s your favourite place to dine in WA?

I lived in Fremantle so I love going to the farmers’ markets and Little Creatures.

What are your hobbies / passions?

Besides dancing I mostly hang out with my wife and two sons wrestling, playing at the beach and in the backyard. I also love baking bread and drinking coffee.

See David on tour in our national here.

Photo: Peter Greig

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