Teachers’ Tips: Pick Up Choreography


8 March 2017

Do you find it difficult to remember steps? Our latest blog in the Teachers’ Tips series offers some guidance on how to learn and remember choreography.

Ramon Doringo, Jazz:

“Keep a good eye and ear out when learning choreography, and learn with the correct musicality and style. Always dance flat out! Never mark a step unless you are told to by the teacher.”

Chris Mifsud, Contemporary/Lyrical:

“Challenge yourself more often by moving to the front of the class. Try a variety of other classes and genres with different teachers. This will provide the opportunity to experience different styles and speeds, which will encourage a better mind-body connection.”

Andrea Briody, Ballet:

“Try marking the exercise or choreography as the teacher is showing it. This will help retain the choreography and give you an extra chance to practise.”

James Deane, Hip Hop:

“Practice practice practice. As you take more classes and get used to teachers’ styles, you will improve. Listen to the music and let the music tell you what move comes next.”

Emma Hawthorne, Contemporary:

“Get to class and a variety of classes! Training in different styles and with different teachers will expose you to more movement vocabulary, and challenge the way your body and mind respond. The bigger you make your movement vocabulary, the more mental space you will have to learn and pick up new choreography.”

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