Teacher Spotlight: Daniel Dolling


29 January 2015

5 things you may not know about Theatre Jazz Teacher Daniel!

I’m an avid documentary lover and am obsessed with websites like Top Documentaries and Spread The Word. I watch a new documentary almost every night.

I have many food allergies and cannot eat eggs, bananas, mushrooms or honey… In fact I think bees have it out for me as I’m severely allergic to bee stings too.

A freak accident when I was a kid saw me splitting my head open in the same spot three times, in three separate incidences, exactly three years apart. This makes me believe that I’m really meant to have a scar above my left eye!

I’m absolutely terrible at social media and often don’t know if I’m writing on my own wall or someone else’s. At the same time I’m totally addicted to the ‘Candy Crush’ iPhone app and cannot get past level 65 (if someone can help me out that would be great).

I have recently become a Vegetarian for Health, Ethical and Environmental reasons, although I do eat fish sometimes. Also for environmental reasons, I have opted to no longer drive a petrol powered vehicle and hope to one day soon drive an electric or even a solar powered car.

Daniel’s favourite saying: “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.” – GANDHI

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Daniel teaches Beginners Theatre Jazz on Sundays at 1pm. View our Theatre Jazz timetable

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