Music That Moves Me: Rafael Bonachela’s Playlist


28 January 2015

For me, dance is always about music. We listen to music and we move. I think about my baby nephews who can hardly speak or walk, but when you play music at home, they move – they don’t even know it’s called dancing. We all have this connection with music – we hear it and we just want to move. I need the music that I choose to have some kind of motivation. Sometimes it makes me shiver; sometimes it makes me feel something unspeakable; sometimes music can make you cry and you don’t know why. I don’t know how I can ever match the power of music in dance, but if the audience feels something then my job is done. – Rafael Bonachela

Below, Rafael has created a playlist of five of the tracks that have inspired him in the lead up to the world-premiere of Frame of Mind Rafael’s new work features original compositions by Bryce Dessner (guitarist from The National) in a recording by the Kronos Quartet.

6 March – 16 May
Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne

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