Stuck In The Middle With You: A Virtual Reality Film


25 November 2016

Stuck in the Middle With You is a Closer Productions Film made in Association with Sydney Dance Company. Concept developed from an original dance work choreographed by Gideon Obarzanek, commissioned by Sydney Dance Company.

Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, viewers are taken on a vibrant and pulsating visceral journey, that fuses choreography, performance, documentary and drama to generate an unprecedented lifelike experience. Viewers are transported on stage, interacting with performers, and ultimately becoming a component of the choreography themselves. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Matthew Bate and choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, this landmark experience features Sydney Dance Company dancers performing Gideon’s L’Chaim.

The VR dance and drama narrative has the viewer waking up on stage in a packed auditorium, amidst a frenetic performance by the Sydney Dance Company. As the dance evolves, the viewer begins to interact with the dancers, interrogating them about the nature of dance before becoming a part of the performance themselves.

Stuck in the Middle With You inverts the traditional spectator-to-dancer viewpoint, investigating what it means to be a performer.

Click here to watch an interview with Director Matthew Bate.

Showing in the foyer from one hour before each performance and during the interval at Carriageworks throughout our New Breed season.

New Breed runs 29 Nov – 10 Dec, 2016

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