Interview with Vi Lam


24 November 2016

We spoke to Vi Lam from Locreado Dance Company about how he began dancing and what students can expect from his Lyrical short course starting in January.

When did you starting dancing?

I didn’t start dancing until I was 19. Growing up in Vietnam, I didn’t have access to dance classes. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia and attended my first beginners Hip Hop class that I discovered dance.

What is Lyrical dance?

Lyrical dance is dance choreographed to music with lyrics. The lyrics inspire movements which express strong emotions to create a melodic and expressive dance.

What do you love about Lyrical dance?

I love how expressive Lyrical dance is. The dance is driven by the lyrics of a song and I enjoy bringing meaning to the movement. People sing along with songs and this is expressing the words of the song through dance.

What can someone expect from the Introduction to Lyrical Dance short course?

Over four weeks students will develop an understanding of basic ballet and jazz technique. I will introduce you to progressions and short combinations of movement. Expect to improve your musicality and improve body awareness. This course is for the complete beginner, perfect for those who love to express themselves through dance.

Vi’s Lyrical short course runs on Sundays from 7 – 28 Jan.

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