Jessica Failli: Pre-Professional Year 2016 – End of Term Reflection


8 April 2016

My first term in Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year program has been a hard – but a very rewarding experience. From blind folded improvisation sessions with Dean Walsh to Cunningham technique with Melissa Toogood, and exposure to everything in between. What a journey it has been so far.

During the past 10 weeks I have had to alter all my bad habits such as forcing my turnout and other stereotypical ballet expectations. I can now sense gradual improvements in the way I feel about dance, how I am physically ‘in the space’ and how I perceive it as my art form. This is thanks to our Course Director Linda Gamblin and Shane Carrol.

My body has never felt so sore, yet so strong – and it’s only first term. I am adoring our regular yoga class with Jolie Brook and our Pilates with Linda and Ingrid Shaw, and am gaining so much new knowledge.

The people I am surrounded by inspire me everyday. I look around the room and appreciate every person I see. We are a supportive group and we celebrate each other’s achievements, whether that’s an awesome ‘jam’ session, or finally on the last day of term understanding clearly something that Linda was talking ballet class on that first day.

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