Isabella ‘Bella’ Bonanno: Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Biomechanics


22 April 2016

Through Term 1 of Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year I have gained a new perspective on ballet and contemporary.

By starting at the basics and accepting our bodies and our own abilities, I have been able to remove my preconceived ideas of ballet. In class we focus on understanding the natural movement of our bodies through biomechanics. By training this way I have been able to further develop an understanding of my body and underlying technique by continously enquiring. I feel more aware in my ballet classes as I also incorporate the knowledge gained in yoga, pilates, contemporary technique and improvisation.

As well as ballet, contemporary classes have also enabled me to move more freely. I am fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to be taught by experienced artists who work in the industry. My passion for contemporary dance has evolved with only the short period of 10 weeks. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone to find an admiration for movement exploration.

Over this first term it has been amazing to see the growth and development of my peers, and being able to share this experience with them has inspired me.

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