New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Kristina Chan


10 November 2015

Kristina Chan is one of the four exciting choreographers that have created new pieces for New Breed (8 – 13 Dec) at Carriageworks. Her piece Conform has been made specifically for the eight male dancers in Sydney Dance Company and is set to an original score by James Brown.


What can audiences expect from your piece?

They can expect to be drawn into a space of tension held by the choreography, performed by the male company dancers, and the atmosphere surrounding them.

How would you describe your choreographic style?

Having worked with a diverse range of choreographers over the years, I have definitely had a wide variety of influences. I acknowledge that these influences are present in my choreography and will shift and change as I keep making work.

In this work, I was interested in exploring tensions and pressures as a physical language to drive the work.

What was your inspiration?

Social pressures on men

What has been your career highlight so far?

The fact that my career is my passion.

What do you love most about contemporary dance?

That movement and the body have endless possibilities to explore and interrogate concepts and idea. Contemporary dance performance has the potential to move an audience to their deep unconscious thoughts and inner dream logic.

New Breed
8 – 13 December

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