New Breed Choreographer Spotlight: Bernhard Knauer


18 November 2015

Bernhard Knauer is one of the four exciting choreographers that have created new pieces for New Breed (8 – 13 Dec) at Carriageworks. His piece Derived features four Sydney Dance Company dancers and is set to an original score by his father, Jürgen Knauer.


What can audiences expect from your piece?

People can expect a short exploration of movement ranging from solos and duo¹s to trios. Ultimately a dance piece to contemporary music for Cello and Double Bass. Hopefully engaging and different.

How would you describe your choreographic style?

It is hard to describe my own style but I¹m captivated by fluid movements that can be manipulated into complex sequences and patterns through the use of dynamism and musicality.

What was your inspiration?

In this case definitely the music of my father. He has in my opinion a very unique style of composing and I tried to do it justice.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Being able to perform William Forsythe’s Quintett was for sure the highlight of my career. Not only was it an honour to do but it challenged me as a dancer in every way, yet was one of the most satisfying pieces to dance.

What do you love most about contemporary dance?

The fact that contemporary dance can have such a wide spectrum. If you let go of the preconceptions of what movement or dance should be the possibilities of the human body and what it can express are infinite. I think this year¹s New Breed program is a great example of this. All four pieces could not be more different.

New Breed
8 – 13 December

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