Meet Company dancer Victor Zarallo


24 January 2018

Newly arrived in Australia, Victor Zarallo is finding his feet in Sydney while the Company are on tour in South America. In between learning repertoire for his first performance with the Company in Australia in May, we caught up with Victor to find out more about him.


What first interested you about dancing, Victor?

It was the music really, being able to move my body with the rhythm of the music gave me a new way to express myself. My first ballet lesson was when I was 15, I started ballet as a way to help make me a better ballroom dancer (Victor was Spanish National Champion when he was 14) and I discovered a new passion.

I found it uncomfortable at first, I had the usual teenage concerns when it comes to putting yourself out there, and I was the only boy in the class! But it really didn’t take long, I think only a week before I knew ballet was something I wanted to get serious about and perhaps make my career.

How did you hear about Sydney Dance Company?

I’d been following Rafael Bonachela for a long time, we are both from Barcelona, I’ve always admired his work and the way he choreographs. My girlfriend is a dancer (with the Scottish Ballet), and being Australian she knows a lot of the dancers at Sydney Dance Company. She told me lots of really great things about the Company and about Australia, and I knew I had to make it happen.

Rafael offered me the position at the Company and I finally arrived in Australia on 31 December 2017, just in time for the new year celebrations! My first performance in Australia with the Company will be for ab [intra] in May.

Do you have a backstage ritual before a performance?

I do! I always touch my earlobes. When I was a small child I loved the feeling of the tag on my teddy bear, which was attached to his ear. I would rub it between my fingers, and now I find rubbing my earlobes between my fingers makes me feel calm

Do you have a favourite food?

I really enjoy cooking, so I’m looking forward to making some of my favourite dishes in my new kitchen.

I have discovered Messina Icecream, and now I am obsessed with their milkshakes! I can’t get enough!

What would you do if you didn’t have to work?

I would open a jazz bar where everyone can come and express themselves through music. I would have a microphone, piano and guitar and it wouldn’t matter if you could perform or not, everyone would be welcome to come and be themselves and let it all out. This is actually my plan for when I am no longer dancing. My best friend is training at the moment to be a chef, so he will do the food, I’ve already got the piano, guitar and microphone, now I need the venue and the time!

You can read here and follow him on Instagram at @victorzarallo

Photography by Barrie Spence

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