Meet Company Dancer Ariella Casu


28 February 2018

Ariella has been busy learning repertoire ahead of the Company tour to Europe in April and her stage debut in Australia in May for ab [intra]. We caught up with her to find out more about her.


What first interested you in dancing?

My mum was a dance teacher, she was a really good dancer! I don’t remember my first class, but my mum said she used to stretch my feet when she was changing my diaper, so maybe that can be counted as my first lesson!

I’ve always had an interest in dance, always watching my mum’s classes perform and desperately wanting to be on stage, part of the action. When I started performing with the dance school, I was determined to be in all of the performances! My mum had to put a stop to me.

Did you move to Australia for the position at Sydney Dance Company?

I did, I’ve always had a passion for the sea, and dreamed that I would be able to combine working with a first rate company and being near the ocean. So, this really is a dream come true!

My father was always very attached to the seaside, we would go camping and fishing as a family when I was a child and build a campfire to cook what we had caught. I loved to share his connection to the water with him, from when I was as young as three years old I would follow him into the water to catch fish.

My dad passed away seven years ago, and I return to my memories and emotions of him to feel grounded and connected. His connection to the sea is the same as mine, being in Australia makes me feel that connection closer.

How did you hear about Sydney Dance Company?

When I was dancing with Gardnerplatz Theatre we performed a piece by Jacopo Godani that he had created for Sydney Dance Company. It was called Raw Models and I learned Charmene’s part! That was three years ago and it was the first I had heard of Sydney Dance Company.

Since then I have taken a few company classes, the first time in Switzerland in 2016 when the Company were on tour, and Davide and I went to watch Interplay and sat next to Chris Aubrey (Rehearsal Director) in the audience! After Davide moved to Australia to join the Company, I came to visit and attended Company class then too.

What are you most looking forward to with Sydney Dance Company?

I’m really looking forward to joining the team and working together. I’m looking forward to learning how to perform with each other, as one unit, to create interesting and beautiful dance on stage.

Do you have a backstage ritual before a performance?

I make sure I am physically and mentally prepared, that I’m not carrying anything extra emotionally, I’m well hydrated and that I have released everything before I get on stage. How I get to that point varies each day, but I concentrate on my body, my movement, no stress.

Do you have a favourite Australian food yet?

I really love the fruit. I wasn’t a big fan of mangoes, but the ones here are amazing! Much better than at home! I am a bit obsessed with the fruit, I can’t get enough.

You can read Ariella’s bio here.

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