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6 March 2018

Josh is ten years old and a passionate dancer. We caught up with him after he attended Boys Only Hip Hop at our School Holiday Workshops to find out what he thought about the course.

When did you start dancing?

I started dancing 1 ½ years ago, I’m 10 ½ now so I was 9. I started dancing because not that many boys were doing it. They thought I was a bit weird when I started, but then you get good at it and everyone thinks it’s cool. It was my parents idea and now I take lessons once a week and I come to the Workshops here.

What do you love about dance?

I like expressing myself through my body, moving my body. I’m a guy who likes to move around, I don’t like to sit still, I like to be active, and dance keeps me moving. I also do karate and football.

Can you tell us about the sessions you did on Improvisation and Task Work?

For the Creative session we formed a group and had to make an interesting dance, I haven’t had to work with others like that in a group, I usually dance on my own, so it was challenging but fun. I liked that it wasn’t easy and we made a groovy dance together.

The Freestyling session we worked on our own. We learned a routine together and then at the end of the song there was a section where we had to improvise and pose at the end.

What was your favourite thing about the Workshop?

It’s a really nice place to learn in, the teachers were really great and I learned a lot of choreography and a lot of moves I can use. I really liked learning to use different parts of my body, especially in the second lesson every day which was Hip Hop Freestyle.

What would you tell your friends about coming to Sydney Dance Company?

I’ve told all my friends about it before, my friend is learning dance now too, he might come with me next year. I’ll definitely be back!

A few questions for Josh’s mum, Sabine.

Why did you choose a Sydney Dance Company Workshop for Josh?

The teaching is very professional and the Workshop is at a really good level where Josh can get a lot out of it. Josh is very enthusiastic about dancing and he is even more inspired now that he has finished the course! Sydney Dance Company also gives him a good insight into the art form and the industry.

What did Josh learn from the Workshop?

He did intensive class work in more detail on specific areas, rather than simply learning a routine. He has developed skills in something he really enjoys, he is very passionate about dance.

Would you recommend our Workshops to other parents?

Absolutely. It’s a great experience, he really enjoyed it and in fact he asked if he could come oback. Being exposed to a professional level of teaching will keep up the enthusiasm, we will be back next time!

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