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7 December 2017

Jazz is 10 and has been dancing since she was 3, squeezing holiday workshops at The Wharf into her busy dance schedule.

In between end-of-year concerts and the Schools Spectacular, we chatted with Jazz and her mum, Lena, about lessons she’s learned from dance and what she’s looking forward to these school holidays.

5 Minutes with Jazz

When/how did you start dancing?

I started ballet when I was 3 years old because I just loved to dance, and was always moving and dancing around the house. I used to make my mum record little 10 second dances and give them a name. She still has the videos, we sometimes watch them and laugh.

What do you love about dance?

I love everything about dance. I like that it keeps me super fit and active. Also my dance teacher Miss Mel taught me after having a bad day at school, that dance is a good way to let out my emotions.

What’s special about Sydney Dance Company?

Sydney Dance Company has really nice teachers and they help you learn new dance moves. The style is a bit different to the style that my dance school teaches and I think it’s good to learn as many different techniques as possible.

What’s your favourite thing about Sydney Dance Company workshops?

I like learning all the new choreography. The girls that do the workshops are nice too and the studio feels like a really professional dance studio.

What would you tell your friends about coming to Sydney Dance Company?

I do tell my friends about the workshops all the time. I tell them how much fun they are and I usually bring a friend with me each time I do one.

I would tell someone that was thinking about joining a workshop to definitely do it. It’s fun, fun, fun.

5 Minutes with Jazz’s Mum, Lena

Why did you choose a Sydney Dance Company workshop for Jazz?

A friend suggested Jazz might like to join her daughter in a workshop. With such a reputable company I had no hesitations to booking my daughter in. Since then Jazz has attended many workshops and has learnt so much. Jazz has been taught improvisation, expression and technique. In the last workshop she attended, the kids created their own team choreography to show their parents at the end of the day. It was really lovely.

Would you recommend our workshops to other parents? 

I would recommend these workshops to other parents as the teachers at Sydney Dance Company are extremely encouraging and experienced. I also feel like it’s run really well run and is a safe and positive environment for little dancers to get some extra dance in during the school holidays.

Spring Holiday Workshops run from 30 Sep – 11 Oct 2019 at the Ultimo, Pennant Hills and Bondi.

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