Interview with Paul Cordeiro


24 May 2017

Paul Cordeiro didn’t begin his formal dance training until he was 23, but he instantly fell in love with the freedom and fluidity of Contemporary.

Paul will be teaching Introduction to Contemporary 2 – a short course beginning Sun 12 Nov that offers an extended learning experience for those with little or no previous dance experience.

1. When and how did you start dancing?

I used to say that it was when I started my training to become a professional at WAAPA in Perth when I was 23, but really it was when I danced at home with my family and friends. That was the heart of it. The rest is training. When I got accepted into the course, there was nowhere else I wanted to be!

2. What is your favourite thing about Contemporary dance?

Like any other style, Contemporary dance has technique, but it’s like a living, breathing organism because it changes and grows. It’s influenced by many things and by what is current, but it’s also grounded in fundamental elements. It’s strong but can look so effortless. It’s the closest thing to the spiritual nature of moving.

3. What will students learn from your Contemporary Short Course? How will it differ from Introduction to Contemporary 1?

The course is definitely entry level for anyone who wants to try Contemporary or learn the foundations. It helps you in other styles of dance too. We work on technique and foundations, placement, combinations, floor work and strength. As we progress, we introduce slightly more complex exercises, and build on precision and ‘release’ work.

4. What inspires you to dance?

Everything. It’s how I live.

Introduction to Contemporary 2 with Paul runs every Sunday from 12 Nov – 3 Dec, 8.30am.

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