My first term in the Pre-Professional Year


25 March 2015

Student Mana Ogawa reflects on her favourite thing about Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year so far:

As a student who has majored in Classical ballet over the past few years, I had never done much yoga before. When I found out there were daily classes of Yoga in Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year, I was very excited but definitely a little nervous. It turns out that Yoga is one of my favourite classes!

Having yoga twice a week with Jolie Brook has been a wonderful experience for me and I feel that daily yoga practise has made me become not only stronger physically, but in all aspects – especially mentally. Every time I do her class, it gives me this positive energy to become a better person and I love the enthusiasm and knowledge she brings to class.

Jolie Brook is such an inspiring teacher, and I am always amazed at the positions she can make herself into – hopefully I will be able to do that by the end of this year!

– Mana Ogawa, 2015 Pre-Professional Year

Mana pictured top row, fifth from the left. Photo by Peter Greig.

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