Chris Bath’s Masterpiece


25 February 2015

Channel 7’s Chris Bath reveals the masterpiece that changed her life:

‘A myriad of masterpieces have set my imagination on fire from childhood and still do. It started with Mum and Dad’s Readers Digest Classical Record Collection in the loungeroom. For hours my sister and I would dance the characters of Peter and the Wolf, twirl to Strauss’s Blue Danube and crash into the odd chair, entranced by Khachaturian. And at age 10, when I finally saw his beautiful adagio married with dance in the Australian Ballet’s production of Spartacus, with Gary Norman and Marilyn Rowe in 1978 and then again in 1983, it was overwhelming. It still makes me weep in wonder.’

– Chris Bath

To celebrate the Australian premiere of Quintett we’re inviting artists, arts commentators and luminaries from all walks of life to answer the question, ‘What masterpiece changed your life and how?’ Be it a dance work, theatre, film, book, painting, photograph, sculpture, or any other creative work.

We’d love you to send us your thoughts by commenting in the box below or sharing via your own social media channels – tag #SDCFrame and @SydneyDanceCo. Read more here

Image of Quintett stager Ana Catalina Roman Horcajo, Janessa Dufty and Petros Treklis by Peter Greig.

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