5 things you don’t know about Natasha Crane


20 February 2015

Get to know Natasha Crane!

1. Both of my parents AND grandparents were dancers! My grandparents were fantastic ballroom dancers and actually traveled the world with their dancing. When my brother and I were little my parents would put on music and we’d dance around the house. APPARENTLY my brother had lots of natural rhythm and I was completely uncoordinated. My brother now has his own plumbing business and I am a dancer!!

2. When I have smoked salmon for breakfast I like to fry it in the frypan and cook it up like it’s bacon!! My room mates think I’m strange, but it’s tastes delicious – you should try it.

3. One day when I stop dancing and teaching and choreographing I would like to be a florist. Most of my friends and colleagues don’t believe me when I say that but it is true.

4. I like to keep things neat and tidy and organised. To the point where all of my coat hangers need to be the same colour and style and hanging in the same direction….Also the towels in my bathroom must match the bed linen. I get that from my Mum.

5. When I was a young dancer from the Central Coast I used to borrow my mum’s car to bring my students and friends to Sydney Dance Company classes. I remember looking at the teacher wall and thinking that everyone who taught there was my idol….I dreamed that one day maybe I would too….And now I am very grateful to be up on that wall and hopefully inspiring young dancers also.

Try a class with Natasha. Natasha teaches Intermediate JFH at 6:30pm on Tuesday. She’s also starting a new class on Tuesday at 8pm – Intermedia Theatre Jazz, commencing 3 March. View our timetable here.

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