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5 things you may not know about Gina!

14 April 2015

Gina Brescianini – Ballet teacher

5 things you may not know about Gina!

  • The first time I fell over on stage in The Australian Ballet was in a giant chicken suit!
  • I used to have nightmares about doing sit ups, actually waking myself doing them in pain from doing so many. Ironically now I am also a Pilates teacher.
  • I only got my full driver’s license at age 30.
  • I am very good at hitting parked cars. Watch out parking lot!
  • I fell over and broke my toe when a bird flew into my house as I was getting out of the shower trying to make a run for it. Totally scared of birds!

Take a class with Gina! Read more about our ballet classes via TimeOut Sydney here. View our ballet timetable here

Image: Daniel Boud.


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