2 One Another Resources

The education resource pack for 2 One Another includes background information on the production including:

  • Activities to do before the show to get to know Sydney Dance Company
  • Stimulus and creative process undertaken by Rafael Bonachela and the company dancers to develop the show
  • Production elements
  • Choreographic task suggestions
  • Analysis and appreciation activities

Download the pack here.

Sydney Dance Company will be delivering their 100th performance of 2 One Another in its 2017 return to the stage. Originally choreographed by Rafael Bonachela in 2012, the show has been performed in 9 countries and 32 cities around the world. There have been many different reactions to the performance and below you can read some of the professional reviews for 2 One Another. Read the examples from various media outlets to gain insight into the performance, audience reaction and to compare with your own opinion of the production.

Sydney Morning Herald
Jill Sykes – October 2017

Daily Review
Martin Portus – October 2017

Dance Life
Heather Clements – October 2017

Limelight Magazine
Elise Lawrence – July 2014

Herald Sun
Stephanie Glickman – November 2012

Sydney Morning Herald
Jill Sykes – March 2012

Lloyd Bradford Skye – March 2012

Dance Australia
Geraldine Higginson – March 2012

2 One Another

In addition to the videos linked throughout the resource pack, these short videos were originally developed in 2012 when 2 One Another was in the initial creation stages. They offer further insight into both Rafael Bonachela and Tony Assness’ creative ideas around the production of 2 One Another.

Rafael Bonachela and his choreographic process for 2 One Another:

Tony Assness and his design process for 2 One Another:

Stage Manager Simon Turner discusses how all the design elements come together to produce the final show:



To gain an insight into how the company dancers began to dance and develop their interest in contemporary movement, watch the following dancer origins episodes:

Dancer Origins Episode 1 – How we started to dance

Dancer Origins Episode 2 – A transformative moment

Dancer Origins Episode 3 – Auditions for Sydney Dance Company