Shared Frequencies

Choreographed by: Rafael Bonachela & Jacopo Godani

LANDforms and Raw Models
World premieres by two of today’s most sought after choreographers.

Born out of a creative concept devised by Rafael Bonachela and Ezio BossoLANDforms takes its inspiration from the landscape and the elements and their impact on the earth and the industrial landscape of cities. The origins of this work took place during a workshop held over 10 days at Sydney Dance Company in June 2010, led by Rafael Bonachela and composer Ezio Bosso and fuelled by the dancers of the company. Dance and music evolved simultaneously in a highly charged creative atmosphere. The incomparable award winning Katie Noonan performs an aria in LANDforms. With a luscious new score composed and performed by Ezio Bosso on piano, accompanied by violin and cello.

This collaboration between the Spanish choreographer/dancer Rafael Bonachela and the eminent Italian composer and double bass maestro, Ezio Bosso, must be a match made in heavenrarely can music and movement have been so perfectly combined.’ The Stage, London

Daring and sexy, Italy’s Jacopo Godani makes work that pushes the dancers to their limits. In his first ever work in Australia, Raw Models is set to a new composition by German electronica duo 48 Nord.  Jacopo Godani has previously choreographed for some of the world’s leading companies including Nederlands Dans Theater and the Royal Ballet, London.

‘a match made in heaven.’ The Stage, London

Sydney Theatre
29 March – 16 April 2011

Concept: Rafael Bonachela & Ezio Bosso
Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela with the dancers of Sydney Dance Company
Composer: Ezio BossoMusic for Weather Elements
Music Performed by: Ezio Bosso, Piano; Veronique Serret, Violin; Geoffrey Gartner, Cello; Katie Noonan, Voice
Costume Concept & Design: Rafael Bonachela
Lighting Design: Mark Dyson
Sound Design: Adam Iuston
Costume Realisation: Fiona Holley

Raw Models
Choreography: Jacopo Godano
Music: 48nord
commissioned score by
Ulrich Mueller & Siegfried Roessert
Costume & Lighting: Jacopo Godani
Costume Realisation: Claire-Louise Rasmussen

Shared Frequencies Campaign Photography: Tim Richardson

‘one is constantly reminded of just how superlative a troupe of dancers is comprised in the SDC. One can’t imagine any group making the most extraordinarily demanding moves look so effortless and doing that so uniformly.’Crikey

‘The SDC dancers are hotter than ever and fiercely talented, so watching them perform is certainly captivating’Daily Telegraph

‘Godani shook the audience by their shoulders, threw them back in their seats and left them wanting more’Dance Australia 

‘THE Sydney Dance Company is at the peak of its powers in Shared Frequencies’Sun-Herald

‘Raw Models, is undeniably sexy. It is also slick, sinister, and not a little unnerving’ City News 

‘Raw Models, is where it’s at. Self-destruction never looked so seductive… The show is insidiously sexy.’  – FBI Radio 

‘Godani’s Raw Models is cool and ultra-sleek…Bonachela’s LANDforms is warmth, connection and feeling’The Australian