Sydney Contemporary & Pre-Professional Year 2018

31 August — 13 September 2018


Mel O’Callaghan and Dancers of Sydney Dance Company’s PPY 2018
Breath Repertoire, 2018

In 2018, our Pre-Professional Year dancers perform in artist Mel O’Callaghan’s large scale ritualistic public performance as part of Sydney Contemporary, Australasia’s premier international art fair.

Performing at Carriageworks and Barangaroo, the dancers share space with members of the public in a breathwork performance using potent Altered State of Consciousness technique accompanied by a musical score.

At Barangaroo, the performance incorporates bold, graphic and monumental lines in a coordinated composition. The ritualistic movement directed by the lines and arcs of the floor transform both the presence of performers and the public within the space.

Performance History

13 September, 7pm

31 August, 6 Sep, 7 Sep and 13 Sep, 12.30pm