17 — 28 November 2009


One of Europe’s most revered choreographers, Kenneth Kvarnstrom, has made his Australian debut, applying the sensibilities of this beyond-cutting-edge-choreographer to the creation of a full length work for the Sydney Dance Company, Mercury at Sydney Theatre.

Finnish born Kenneth Kvarnstrom’s work is imbued with a bold and distinctive visual stamp as a result of his frequent collaborations with light and set designers of his choice; artists whose technical skills and personalities have combined to inspire the overall energy of his creations.

Kenneth describes in his program note that for him “choreography is finding the musicality in the movements; if choreography was a band the dancer would be the singer, actually the whole orchestra, working together and constantly changing instruments and vocals.” Divided into three parts, each prepresenting the different meanings of Mercury, this work is sure to excite and simulate the senses.

Performance History

Sydney Theatre 
17 – 28 November 2009


Kenneth Kvarnstrom

Set and Lighting Design
Jens Sethzman

Costume Design
Kenneth Kvarnstrom

Sound Design
George Gorga

Emily Amisano, Juliette Barton, Adam Blanch, Richard Cilli, Connor Dowling, Janessa Dufty, Kynan Hughes, Annabel Knight, Kalman Warhaft, Chen Wen


“If the work of K. Kvarnstrom comes to your town, see it!” –

“Unstoppable momentum!” – Sydney Morning Herald

“An exceedingly handsome beautifully danced piece of theatre…Gorgeous in its liquidity, reach and impression of continuous motion… sumptuous!” – The Australian

“9/10. Mercury is a work of sensual beauty. A world-class performance. Don’t miss it.” – The Sun Herald