INDance - Expression of Interest 2023

INDance is a unique opportunity for the independent dance sector to have work presented by Sydney Dance Company in the Neilson Studio at the Wharf in a curated season of diverse dance works.

INDance Info

Expressions of Interest Open2 November 2022

Expressions of Interest Close 10 January 2023

Participants Notified End of February 2023

“It is rare that independent choreographers get to share their work beyond the premiere season and away from their home town. It was a joy to have this experience.”
Lillian Steiner, Choreographer/ Performer INDance 2022

“It was an important and incredible opportunity to perform and share my work with Sydney folk. To be able to reconnect with Sydney Audiences and to inspire the next generation of artists and thinkers to use their voices and share their stories. To be able to perform and share my art and ideas through physical storytelling is a privilege and momentous for me!”
Natalie Allen, Choreographer/ Performer INDance 2022

“It was a wonderful opportunity to share this work with Sydney audiences and in particular audiences appreciative of choreographic craft. It was fantastic to be working at SDC alongside a dynamic and diverse dance community.”
Prue Lang Choreographer INDance 2022

After a sell-out inaugural season INDance is back for its second year in 2023!

INDance is a unique opportunity for the independent dance sector to have works professionally presented by Sydney Dance Company in the Neilson Studio. INDance is a curated season of diverse dance works and has been created to connect exceptional, small to medium-scale dance works with Sydney Dance Company audiences

If you are an independent dance maker, artist, choreographer or small organisation at any career stage with a dance work ready to go and you need a venue to present your work, then INDance might be just right for you.

This paid opportunity is open to individuals, collectives and producer-represented choreographers. You will bring the work and its associated costumes/sets, music and performers. Sydney Dance Company will bring the venue and associated production support, marketing, publicity and ticketing as well as paying you a presentation fee. Up to four works will be programmed across a two-week season with each work having the opportunity for a short (3 performances) presentation run.

INDance is open to all dance styles. The program will be curated by an expert industry panel to reflect the diversity of dance in Sydney.

We encourage Expressions of Interest from people from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds, First Nations Artists and people living and or working in Western Sydney, as well as people with disability.

When will it all happen?

EOI open on 2 November 2022.

EOI close at 5pm on 10 January 2023.

Artists will be informed by the end of February 2023

INDance will be held over two weekends from 17 – 26 August 2023.

How do I apply?

Simply complete the Expressions of Interest form and tell us about your work and we will be in touch.

How does it work financially? 
The selected Artists will be paid a presentation fee. Sydney Dance Company will cover the costs of marketing, ticketing, technical support and venue costs and will take the box office risk. Please feel free to discuss this with us by emailing us to set up a time for a chat about the program.

Will I need additional funding support? 
If you need additional support to realise the work, ie: you need to bring artists from outside Sydney or your work needs a re-rehearsal period, you may need to apply for other funding support. INDance is a presentation opportunity and is not a development residency. The fee paid will be in line with a limited-run season presentation, not a commission or development period. 

Where will INDance take place? 
The Neilson Studio is a 79-seat black box space with a fully sprung floor, a sound system and a lighting rig. The Neilson Studio does not have a fly tower or wings and comes with a standard black dance floor and black back curtains. The space is not appropriate for site-specific works, installations, set-heavy works or durational performance. 
You can find images of the space here. The Neilson Studio is located in Sydney Dance Company's Wharf Studios on Hickson Road, part of the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct.

Does Sydney Dance Company provide dancers for my work?
No. This is an opportunity for the Independent dance sector and does not involve Sydney Dance Company dancers. You will need to bring your own performers to INDance.

Will Sydney Dance Company provide a lighting design/lighting designer?
No. Sydney Dance Company will provide technical support to realise an existing lighting design or production support to help light a work but will not provide a lighting designer for your work. 

Does Sydney Dance Company provide tarkett? 
Yes. We have a black tarkett that covers the entire space. There is also the option to remove the tarkett, under which is polished wooden floorboards. If you need any other flooring that is not tarkett, you will need to source or provide that yourself.

Does Sydney Dance Company provide rehearsal space?
Rehearsal space is not provided as part of this opportunity but may be available on a case-by-case basis with discussion.

Does Sydney Dance Company provide a Venue Tech, Stage Manager, Production Manager or FOH staff? 
Sydney Dance Company will provide front-of-house staff, a venue technician and production support. Please remember when you are considering applying that the venue suits small-scale works with relatively simple technical requirements and the technical suitability of your work will help inform curation choices.

My work contains commercial music. Does Sydney Dance Company pay for the licencing?
Sydney Dance Company will pay box office percentage royalties attached to an existing music usage license. You must ensure that appropriate licenses are in place and you are responsible for all royalties for composed or commissioned pieces of music. 

Does the work have to be a premiere? 
No. This opportunity is open to shows that have had their premiere prior to the INDance season in August 2023. If your show has not premiered before this date but is fully realised and developed please get in touch with us via email.

Is this opportunity suitable for works still in development? 
No. This is a presentation opportunity not a development opportunity.

Do I need to be an Australian Citizen or a permanent resident?
Yes, you do.

Does Sydney Dance Company provide documentation, filming or photography of my work?
Sydney Dance Company may document the INDance season and will happily supply any images or video taken for your own use, but if you want to document your work for archival or other purposes you should make your own budget provision to do so.

When will I find out if I have been successful?
We will let both successful and unsuccessful artists by the end of February. All successful applicants will need to be available for a briefing meeting in May, photocall and press interviews in June/ July and presentation season in August 2023.  

Will Sydney Dance Company write a letter of support for an application for additional funding?
If you would like a letter of support for an application for additional funding from a funding agency, please contact us by email

Is there a minimum length of my show needs to be?
Yes, we require your show to be a stand-alone full-length piece with a minimum duration of between 30 - 40 minutes.

Who will be on the curation panel? 
The final panel is yet to be confirmed, but will include:
Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company 

2 other industry panellists are still to be announced.

Previous panellists have included Angela Goh and
Fiona Winning.

Can I come and see the venue before I apply? 
Yes, you can! Please email us to arrange a time. 

- Work must be your own original work.

- Your work must have premiered prior to INDance in August 2023.

- Your original work must be a stand-alone full-length piece with a minimum duration of between 30 - 40 minutes.

- Your original work must be suitable for a small black box theatre and must fit within the standard technical requirements of the Neilson Studio.

- Sydney Dance Company will not make any additional financial or in-kind contributions to presentation or development.

- All artists and on-site personnel involved with the project must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide a medical exemption.

- In the event of government restrictions preventing presentation, Sydney Dance Company will endeavour to reschedule the INDance season.

- Artists and guest personnel must abide by all Sydney Dance Company staff policies.