Impermanence/​Disintegration - the album

Bryce Dessner, Sydney Dance Company and Australian String Quartet - Released 02/04/2021

Impermanence/Disintegration places Grammy Award winning composer Bryce Dessner in partnership with Sydney Dance Company and the Australian String Quartet in constructing a dynamic, profoundly moving emotional response to the fleeting transience of life.

Influenced by the searing impact of the wildfires that ravaged Australia late in 2019 and the devastation of the Notre Dame fire, Impermanence reflects on the mutability of the structures around us, both tangible and intangible.


Impermanence/Disintegration is the culmination of two years of collaboration. Written to be performed with Rafael Bonachela’s eponymous choreography for Sydney Dance Company, the work was originally planned to premiere in Sydney in March 2020. As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent, the performances were cancelled, and artists sent into lockdown.

Life, and recovery, was on hold but the collaboration persevered.

The ASQ recorded the compositions in lockdown, the dancers rehearsed in isolation, and with the added poignancy of a pandemic that has exposed so many vulnerabilities and changed us all at a profound level, Impermanence has finally taken to the stage. Premiering on 17 February 2021 for a two week season in Sydney, Impermanence was presented at the Adelaide Festival in March, and will go on an extensive Australian national tour through August 2021.

Sydney Dance Company is proud to partner with 37d03d and the Australian String Quartet to release the full-length album of Dessner’s works.

A collaboration with Anohni sees a new version of her timeless, and resonant, “Another World.” It closes the show, and the album, with great levity and hope.


Impermanence / Disintegration

Bryce Dessner, Australian String Quartet, Sydney Dance Company

Composition for Quartet and Electronics by Bryce Dessner

1. Alarms 1

2. Disintegration

3. Alarms 2

4. Embers

5. Emergency

6. Impermanence

7. Pulsing

8. Requiem – Ashes

9. Another World

Another World, song and original recording by Anohni with arrangement for quartet by Bryce Dessner.


Australian String Quartet

Dale Barltrop – Violin I

Francesca Hiew – Violin II

Stephen King – Viola

Rachael Tobin – Cello (guest)


Additional Electronics by David Chalmin

Recorded and Edited by Bob Scott, Dodgy Sound

Produced by Stephen Snelleman, Bryce Dessner

Mixed by David Chalmin, Studio LFO

Final Master by Bryce Dessner


Bryce Dessner’s Impermanence is commissioned by Sydney Dance Company and the Australian String Quartet by kind permission of Chester Music Ltd, part of the Wise Music Group.

This commission has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.