22 — 24 February 2014


Elektra dreams of vengeance. Her father the king has been murdered in his bath and her mother and the guilty lover must pay. Only then can she dance for joy. The return of her long-lost brother triggers the horrific conclusion. No happy endings here.

This is Richard Strauss’s biggest opera, calling for more than a hundred orchestral musicians, so the concert hall is the place to hear it in its true glory. With the dancers of the Company joining Conductor David Robertson, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and a great cast of singers, you’ll be blown away by the fierceness and the sublimated eroticism of this gripping theatrical event.

Performance History

Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House
22 – 24 February 2014


Stephanie Lake

David Robertson

Soprano (Elektra)
Christine Goerke

Soprano (Klytemnestra)
Lisa Gasteen

Soprano (Chrysothemis) 
Cheryl Barker

Baritone (Orestes)
Peter Coleman-Wright

Tenor (Aegisthus)
Kim Begley

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

Chris Aubrey
Holly Doyle
Bernhard Knauer
Alana Sargent
Todd Sutherland
Jesse Scales
Todd Sutherland
Jessica Thompson


‘earth-shattering… The unanimous standing ovation said it all.’ – Limelight Magazine 

‘The ritualised gestures and fluid movements of the eight dancers  from the  Sydney Dance Company powerfully responded to the musical trajectory.’– The Australian 

Watch an Interview with Choreographer Stephanie Lake, February 2014