Between Breath and Form

5 May — 3 December 2011


6 Breaths and LANDforms

Artistic Director and choreographer Rafael Bonachela has once again joined forces with his frequent collaborator – the renowned Italian composer Ezio Bosso – in the presentation of two major dance works – 6 Breaths and LANDforms.

In 6 Breaths, created in 2010, Bonachela took his intricate choreographic language and fused it to a score written by Bosso for six cellos and a piano to create a piece that celebrates the act of breathing as the very spirit of life:

“The first breath is the life breath; the second is breathlessness – out of breath; the third, the crying breath or where breath is interrupted by emotion; the fourth is in the same breath; the fifth breath is a whisper – under one’s breath – and the sixth is last breath” – Rafael Bonachela.

6 Breaths was presented with LANDforms, where Bonachela and Bosso have drawn directly from their shared response to the drama and evolving forms of the land.

Performance History

Canberra Theatre
5 – 7 May 2011

Movimentos Festival, Wolfsburg, Germany
17 – 20 May 2011

Joyce Theater, New York, NY
7 – 13 November 2011

Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Suffolk, UK
18 – 19 November 2011

Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain
24 – 27 November 2011

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London, UK
1 – 3 December 2011


6 Breaths
Rafael Bonachela in collaboration with the dancers
Composer: Ezio Bosso
6 Breaths Concept by: Rafael Bonachela & Ezio Bosso
Video Art: Tim Richardson
Costume Design: Josh Goot
Lighting Design: Nick Schlieper
Sound Design: Adam Iuston

 Rafael Bonachela & Ezio Bosso
Choreographer: Rafael Bonachela with the dancers of Sydney Dance Company
Composer: Ezio Bosso, Music for Weather Elements
Costume Concept & Design: Rafael Bonachela
Lighting Design: Mark Dyson
Sound Design: Adam Iuston
Costume Realisation: Fiona Holley


“LANDforms was a stunningly beautiful and affecting piece” – Canberra City News

“Bosso’s hauntingly beautiful “Music for Weather Elements”, combined with soft but powerfully executed dance sequences, is like being slowly gathered in a perfect embrace and transported to a place and time of pure beauty.” – Canberra City News

“If there ever was a show on at the Canberra Theatre stage that students of, or even just those with a passing interest in dance, theatre, classical music, lighting, or any visual art form need to see Between Breath and Form is it.” – Canberra Times 

“It is rare that all the elements come together so well, to build a truly beautiful piece of work. In a piece inspired by the elements of air and earth, it is fitting that the simple things work best and the dancing just shines.” – Canberra Times 

“Rafael Bonachela’s double bill for Sydney Dance Company comes close to brilliance” – The Guardian 

“The curtain-raiser, for six cellos and a piano, is a real beauty. 6 Breaths is an artfully abstract journey through the cycle of life but based upon breathing. Thoughtful, refined and musical…”The London Times